A Collection Masterpiece

Hello and hope February was a happy and prosperous month for you.

Now normally, I try to write a blog monthly and long before now but.......well......you know how it goes.....I'll do it tomorrow and then it'll be the next day, then I have a deadline for an order and on and on! 

As you probably heard and saw in the weather forecasts, many parts of Scotland and England had heavy snow at the beginning of the month - tons of the stuff actually - but here in the Scottish Borders, absolutely none - zilch! I actually wanted snow - I sell knitwear and temperatures of 16 degrees in February as we've had here does nothing for my business! Had frost yes, but no white stuff. Ilike snow as long as I don't have to drive in it! 

I've just completed a Custom Order for a little boy in Australia worked in Maroon

and now 2 Custom Orders to complete. 1st is a copy of this blue sweater dress that I did in 2016

The purchaser want's it done in a shade of Pure Scottish Aran Wool in a shade called Woodland. The dress has a cowl to match - very chic.

2nd Custom Order is a copy of this Vintage Hooded Sweater

which is also going to be knitted up in Pure Scottish Aran Wool in the traditional cream colour. Next blog at the end of March, I should be able to publish at least one finished one.

None of these items are in my shop as I positively encourage people to send me patterns, ask me to design something or just ask for a Custom Knit something from the items on my website.So ask for your Custom Knit - your colour choice ad your size!

Take care of yourselves 'til I blog again





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