Life In My Wool Of Wool


Hello. Did a spot of re-photography of this poncho this month - my last attempt was a bit sad to say the least - but this time it has turned out, as we say in Scotland, "nae ower bad!" As you can see the poncho can be worn loose or with a belt for a totally different look

I then took to knitting a long line cardigan - edge to edge which is not too expensive and very versatile - wear anywhere and with anything

Lastly - I had to think of the wee one's so today, listed a Cardigan for a baby girl aged 12 - 18 months



So like this little number - it has a slight sparkle to the yarn which unfortunately, the camera didn't pick up but what a little beauty


Still have a Custom Order to finish so hopefully, in my next blog, it will be there for you to see - Ta Ta for now and take care 'til next time x